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Gillian Price MBAcC MRCHM
The traditional medicine of China has developed over the last 4000 years and it continues to grow
to meet the new health challenges faced by people in the West today. It has become increasingly
popular over the last few decades as people have realised that it can effectively bring relief from a
wide range of complaints.

It is based on concepts that have proven themselves sound over many centuries of practice, treating
the individual as a whole.
What are Chinese Herbs?

The Chinese Materia Medica used in the UK consists of leaves, barks, roots, fruits, flowers and
Products derived from endangered species and those obtained through cruelty to animals are not

Can vegetarians have Chinese Herbs?

Yes. As explained above Gillian uses only plant products.

Are they safe?

All members of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine are fully qualified and trained and adhere
to a strict code of ethics.

How much do they cost?

The herbs themselves will cost between £7 and £21 a week depending on the form you decide to
take them in and the dosage required. Mostly people take the powdered form which can be made
into a drink. A months supply of herbal powders is usually around £60.

How are they taken?

  • As decoctions from raw herbs.
  • As powders made into a drink.
  • As capsules
  • Sometimes as tinctures.
  • Externally as creams or washes

Individualised Formulae?

Any herbal formula that you receive  will have been tailored specifically for you.
If you would like to discuss which conditions can be helped by Chinese Medicine please feel
free to call me on 07752 684 808.

You may also find more information on the
Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine website.