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 Gillian Price MBAcC MRCHM
IVF Support
Women often have Acupuncture treatment during the three months before IVF, and
then at specific times during the IVF cycle.

"Most clinical trials to date suggest that acupuncture may be useful in the embryo transfer
stage of in vitro fertilisation, and results in an increased pregnancy rate and a greater
number of live births

Acupuncture may help in the treatment of infertility by:

  • regulating fertility hormones
  • increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs
  • increasing egg production
  • enhancing luteal function
  • regulating follicle stimulation hormone (FSH) - receptor expression
  • normalising cortisol and prolactin levelson IVF medication days
  • reducing stress
  • promoting embryo implantation"
Acupuncture During IVF
Preparation for IVF

Preparation is useful for several reasons:
  • It is a chance to work on existing energetic imbalances that interfere with optimal
    health and functioning.
  • Acupuncture can give a boost to the system to help it cope with the IVF process
    including the increased stimulation of the ovaries.
  • The entire growth trajectory of a follicle takes at least three months so treatment
    during this time can provide a more healthy and balanced environment in which
    the follicles can develop.

Down Regulation

During this time we nourish the substances the substances connected with fertility, what
Chinese Medicine call Jing (Essence) and Blood.

Menstrual Stage

This is the time to encourage a smooth clearout of the uterine lining and create a good
basis for the new lining.


At this point we are supporting the process of follicle development by strengthening the
Yin and/or Yang, as appropriate for the individual woman, aiding the circulation and
calming. it is possible to reduce some of the side effects of the medications.

Around Egg Collection

From just before egg collection to just before embryo transfer we treat to relax the body
and calm the mind.

Embryo Transfer

There is a protocol of acupuncture points used just before and just after embryo transfer
that clinical trials suggest result in an increased pregnancy rate and more live births.