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Gillian Price MBAcC MRCHM
TDP Mineral Lamp
TDP is an acronym for "Teding Diancibo Pu" which loosely translated
means special electromagnetic spectrum.
The TDP mineral lamp was invented in China in 1978 and exhibited at
the 1986 Zagreb International Fair in Yugoslavia in competition with
560 inventions from 18 countries by the inventor Mr. Gou Wenbin. It
was also exhibited at the 1986 Brussels Eureka World Fair for

The story told about the discovery of TDP mineral lamp therapy
begins in a black clay factory in rural China, where in spite of a work
environment where workers were exposed to extremes of cold, wet,
and heat, they had a very low incidence of illness. Upon further
investigation, the differentiating factor was determined to be the
beneficial far-infrared radiation from the hot clay. Analysis of the clay
and later experimentation led to the development of the medical
device now known as the TDP mineral lamp.

Clinical evidence confirms that TDP mineral lamp therapy
reduces inflammation, calms pain, improves micro-circulation,
and balances metabolism. Evidence substantiates that TDP
mineral lamp use promotes cell growth, reproduction, and
repair, concurrently with promotion of specific enzyme activity
levels and immune function.
Treatment with the TDP Lamp is available at the Haringey