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Gillian Price MBAcC MRCHM
""I was 38 years old and had been unsuccessfully been trying to conceive for
almost a year when I decided that I needed to up my game. I researched the
available treatments and finally decided to try acupuncture/ TCM. I initially
went to a clinic in Wimbledon who assessed my fertility as low and average
for my age group.  
I found Gillian over the internet and she sounded sympathetic over the
phone.  When I went to see her she carried out an in depth assessment and
we discussed a treatment plan: 3 acupuncture sessions per female cycle
plus daily Chinese herbs. They looked quite nasty but tasted fairly neutral and
I didn’t mind as it was for a good cause. Gillian was very gentle and
professional and the needles not painful. She also treated my blocked
sinuses and I could feel an improvement after every session.  Before her
treatment my cycle was only 23 days and the bleeding fairly light which was
far from optimal for conception.  Gillian’s intervention increased it by one day
and my period intensified.  Unfortunately my partner went on a holiday and
therefore there was no chance of conception in my second and third cycle. To
my surprise I fell pregnant instantly when he came back. I could hardly
believe my luck as the pregnancy progressed without any complications and
gave birth to a lovely, healthy baby girl 9 months later!
I strongly feel that Gillian’s treatment made the difference and helped me to
get pregnant by de-stressing me and balancing my hormonal cycle; I can’t
thank her enough!! "
"I have seen Gill for years now and I can always rely on her treatment making
a real difference to whatever issue I take to her. I had been suffering
severe pain for many years for which the doctors could only refer me to the
pain clinic and therefore a 'solution' of pain killers. I was not prepared
to take pain killers for the foreseeable future and turned to acupuncture
with Gill...within just a matter of a few weeks I experienced a massive
relief from the ongoing pain I was in and her treatment really helped me
through that time.

Gill has also profoundly helped me with a problem that was preventing me
from getting on with my daily life: The only traditional health options open
to me were either drastic surgery or continuous use of a prescribed drug
which, taken for longer than a couple of years, could cause further serious
health problems. As neither of these seemed like a solution to me, I turned
once again to Gill and she worked with me to put together a specific
prescription of Chinese Herbs to work with my symptoms. Within a very short
time of taking these herbs I was able to start getting my life back. It is
now over four years that I have been able, with Gills help, to continue
having a full life without the use of potentially harmful drugs or surgery.

Gill is an excellent acupuncturist and herbalist and is one of the most
reliable and thorough practitioners to have treated me. I always know that,
when I am booked in to see Gill, as a bonus, I will also feel really chilled
out and ready for whatever life has to throw at me by the end of a session!
"Thank you for your treatments when I was trying to conceive and following
my miscarriage.  I was definitely skeptical about what acupuncture could
achieve but I really believe that it helped me to recover following the
miscarriage and got my body back on track so to speak.
I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl at the beginning of May.

You give me the feel good factor!"______________