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Gillian Price MBAcC MRCHM
Treatment for Women
Balance of Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang

The balance of energies in women in the fertile part of their lives is much more
complicated than in men. Throughout the menstrual cycle the hormone levels are
constantly shifting enabling the growth of the uterine lining, development of
follicles, ovulation and, if conception has not occurred, breakdown of the lining
manifesting in a period.

Chinese Medicine describes this cycle in terms of  the interplay of Qi, Blood, Yin
and Yang and the constantly changing balance of these substances.

Whatever condition a woman is seeking treatment for, she will usually be asked
about her periods as this information can tell a lot about any energetic
imbalances  which can also be affecting the woman in other ways.

Questions you may be asked are:-
Do you have
period pain        heavy periods        scanty periods        irregular periods
ovarian cysts    
PMS/PMT                fibroids                      fertility problems
How many days is it between one period and the next?
How many days is the actual bleed?

The answer to these, and many other, questions covering the major systems of
the body, plus looking at the tongue and taking the pulse enables the formulation
of  a Chinese Medicine diagnosis and  a treatment plan.

Sometimes, even more detailed information is required so I ask that the waking
temperature is taken every morning in order to create a basal body temperature
Usually acupuncture treatment is given once a week initially and then less often,
However, treating some conditions requires acupuncture at specific times of the
menstrual cycle, and taking different herbal formulae in the different parts of the
Treatment during and after Menopause

Balance of Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang is still an issue at this time of life, particularly  
between the cooling and warming aspects of Yin and Yang!

For several years, sometimes, there are unexpected shifts between having a
menstrual cycle and not having one. Chinese Medicine describes many patterns
of disharmony at this time.

These have to be taken into consideration whatever condition is the focus of

It takes a little while usually for the body to settle into it's new balance but once
there, women often  feel a new lease of life.
Treatment during Pregnancy

You can have acupuncture and herbs during pregnancy. There are certain herbs
and acupuncture points that will be avoided.